Marble Square Tray

By: Marble Basics

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This stunning Marble Square Tray from Marble Basics can be used all around your home. It truly is a beautiful adaptable piece. Use it as a modern bread basket, to display oils, herbs and spices in the kitchen, or hold salt and pepper vessels. Why not lay cutlery on it for a casual dinner party? It can be used to display prized possessions in your bedroom such as perfumes, candles or jewellery.

This is a joined, handcrafted Marble Tray, therefore there may be inconsistencies in the inside edges of the Tray as to where the joins meet together and air pockets in the joins. Due to the handcrafted, individual nature of the pieces, refunds and exchanges will not be made on the basis of this or the natural qualities as specified below of the Marble. Honed grey and white marble.

Dimensions: 30cm x 30cm

About Marble Basics

Marble Basics is a sister design duo based in Melbourne specialising in Marble Homewares. They create everyday functional designs that are valued showpieces. Whether it is the cheese paddle, trivet or marble tray your beautiful marble piece will have a valued place in your home.


About Marble & Care Instructions

As these are handmade products and marble is a natural material, every product differs slightly in size and colour to those shown online. All of Marble Basics pieces are original with different veining and patterning which makes each piece uniquely beautiful. Stone is a natural product and may contain fissures, cracks, holes and pits. No two pieces of natural stone are alike. This sample is an accurate representation of the material specified, but we cannot guarantee that the product purchased will be an exact match. These are not faults and we cannot accept returns or refunds if you are unhappy with the colouring of your piece.

Marble should be cleaned with a neutral cleaner, stone soap or a mild dishwashing detergent and warm water. Do not use bleach or anything abrasive to rub as this will scratch the marble. Marble is porous so be careful not to leave water or liquid for long periods of time on the marble as it will soak in and possibly leave a mark. Oily substances will soak into marble. A variety of foods may be used on Marble Basics products, however please keep in mind that acidic products such as lemons or vinegar, strong pigments such as cumin or tumeric and oil products may dull or stain the marble. Marble is a brittle material and breakable and should be treated with care.