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Cast Iron Frypan with Steel Handle 26cm

By: Skeppshult

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This versatile cast-iron frypan from Skeppshult of Sweden with it's natural non-stick surface will be used in your kitchen for years to come. Distributing and storing heat evenly will make cooking your next dish to perfection a breeze!


  • Materials: Virgin Cast Iron and Stainless steel handle
  • Dimensions: Width 26cm
  • Country of Origin: Sweden
  • Care Instructions:To clean use hot water and a dishcloth only, then carefully dry. Not dishwasher safe.

About Skeppshult

  • Established in 1906, Skeppshult of Sweden is the only remaining foundry in Scandinavia which manufactures household products in cast iron.
  • Manufactured from strictly controlled raw materials and without harmful chemicals, their products have an extremely long life span and allows them to provide a a 25 year cast iron warranty.
  • Skeppshult of Sweden has a commitment to making cookware that is natural and environmentally friendly.
  • Cast-iron pans come pre-seasoned with organic rapeseed oil, ready to use with a natural non-stick coating.
  • Performs well on gas, ceramic, radiant, halogen or electric cooktops as well as induction heat sources.
  • Very little little maintenance. To clean use hot water and a dishcloth only, then carefully dry. Pans can be reoiled with cooking oil.