Tableware from Belgium ceramist Catherine Lovatt

Designed by Catherine Lovatt are two stunning collections of ceramic tableware that are both beautiful and functional.  Use these pieces to add a touch of minimalist design to your everyday.

Catherine Lovatt for Serax Ceramics

About Catherine Lovatt

Catherine was born in Ypres, Belgium in 1966 and grew up in the North of France.  She studied ceramics at the Sint-Lucas Institute and then worked as a freelance ceramist from 1989 to 1996 with several design stores in Belgium, Japan, Italy, France and the Netherlands.  

She put her ceramics career on hold for several years and worked as a modern arts assistant.  Catherine has since  resumed her ceramics work and opened a studio under the name, Catherine Lovatt.  Her specialties are porcelain vases, objects and combining other materials. 

View the collection of homewares designed by Belgium ceramist Catherine Lovatt for design house Serax here


Daily Beginnings Collection

Serax by Catherine Lovatt Teapot BlackSerax by Catherine Lovatt Coffee Cup White

This collection from Catherine Lovatt consists of simple forms in three colours (pink, black and white).  By exploring the possibilities of simple geometric forms, Catherine has created an inspiring series of tableware that adds life and vibrancy to daily routine.  The teapot follows the tubular form for the spout and handle and is both beautiful and functional.


Family Set Collection

Serax by Catherine Lovatt Candleholder Candle

The collection in white and light grey includes beakers, teapots, candleholders and plates.  These all follow the design of a cylindrical form and spouts branching from the side sides.  These are made from refined ceramic and trim-glazed for an even textured surface.

Tableware Ceramics Serax by Catherine Lovatt Teapot and Cup



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