Easy Cheats Frosé

Glass Copper Tumbler and Carafe with Frose

As you may know, I'm a little bit of a foodie.  So when Kitchen Temple recently collaborated with Merowyn from Plate Got Ate it wasn't purely for business purposes.   I may have wanted one or two of her very own recipes just for us.    And, look what she created!   An easy cheats frosé!  Perfect for this warm weather that we have been having lately and healthy too (it has raspberries in it!)

Now Merowyn must have had us in mind when she created this Frosé, as am not the most patient of ladies when it comes to food.   So, this frosé can be made on the spot.  With a few key ingredients and your food processor, you'll be sipping on this sweet refreshing drink in minutes.   

Not too sickly sweet (we don't want a slurpee) and super refreshing, this frose would make a great party addition.

Raspberry Frose in the Copper Glass Tumbler by Serax


Cheats Frosé

1 bottle dry Rosé (you will use about half)

1 cup frozen raspberries

16 ice cubes – yes, I counted them.

Simple Syrup to taste

In a food processor or blender blend up the raspberries, ice and wine until a slushy consistency is reached. Add simple syrup (1 part caster sugar to 1 part water, boiled until dissolved) to taste. I didn’t add any simple syrup as I wanted the tarte taste that the raspberries provided.


Merowyn presented the frosé in the stunning Copper Glass Carafé and Tumbers by Serax.  These are created for Serax by Dutch designer Niels Datema.   Niels combines his minimalistic design principles to beautifully present cuisine.

Copper Glass Tumblers and Carafe - Cocktail

Find these at Kitchen Temple - Copper Glass Carafé and Copper Glass Tumblers 


This recipe and images were created by Merwyn from Plate Got Ate for Kitchen Temple

March 07, 2017



Kate said:

Yum! I have been thinking of using the thermomix to make a frose… what is simple syrup? I haven’t heard of it, is it like sugar syrup?

Amy - Kitchen Temple

Amy - Kitchen Temple said:

Hi Kate, great idea for using the thermomix! A simple syrup is just a sugar syrup.. I’ll try and get hold of the ratios of sugar/water for you. Amy

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